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Top 300 Features

Have a look at the Top 30 Highlights.
And these are CineSat's top 300 features:

Real-Time Meteorological Image Analysis

Receiving a real-time satellite image data stream, CineSat
automatically computes the following analysis products:

Nowcasting Products

Based on this automatic real-time image analysis, CineSat
computes the following short-range forecast products:

Composite Images

Satellite Image Movies

Automated Weather Graphics

For every incoming satellite image CineSat can automatically
produce weather displays and animation movies, composed
of cloud images, backgrounds, and overlays. You can choose
almost any cartographic projection, image size, and color.

FrontEditor - Interactive Drawing Tool

Contrast Enhancement

Image Processing

Calibration and Radiometric Processing

Sun Tools

Space Handling

Geographical Processing & Maps

63 user-configurable projection types:

User configurable projection parameters:

Time Tools

Table Data Handling

APE Automatic Product Extraction

Operator Features

Data Householding

APE Browser

A JavaScript-based interface to monitor the Automatic Product Extraction by means of a standard web browser.

User Interface Options

Commands and Macros

Enterprise-Ready Configuration

Graphical User Interface


Station Model

Image Analysis

Provided Data Sets

MSG Edition - EUMETCast Compatibility

Please see for an up-to-date compatibility list.

Import and Export File Formats

Image Import:
Image Export:
Table Data - Import and Export:
Other Import Formats:
Other Output Formats:

POLAR Module

Application Fields

CineSat & Satellite Application Facilities

Research Test Bed

Supported Platforms

Services Included in System Delivery

CineSat includes