MyFiles - User Guide

MyFiles is a web service for secure data exchange between GEPARD and its partners.

It is easy to use, and you will only need an up-to-date web browser.

For your safety

  • Please Log-out after finishing your up- und downloads
  • Sensitive data should stay in this web area only for a very short time

1. Login

Open the web adress:

This link opens a login window (start-up may take a few seconds):

MyFiles Login Window

Please note that user name and password are both case sensitive.
After successful login you will get an application window with upload, download, and standard file browser functionality.

2. Your MyFiles Window

Your MyFiles application window consists of

  • Three color-coded tool bars, the
  • Browsing area (file list and navigation panels), and a
  • Bottom info line with links to legal documents

MyFiles User Interface

Window Layout

ActionBar (Send, Download, View, …)
Folder Tree File List File Details
Bottom Info Links

Three color-coded tool bars

Toolbar Name Bar Color Description
Banner steel blue Links to CineSat sites and MyFiles Help
MenuBar dark gray Workspace selection and Account / Logout menu
ActionBar white Workspace name and action buttons/menus (Send, Download, View, Edit, …)

Browsing Area

Panel Name Where Description
Folder Tree Left (gray) Directory tree to navigate through the current workspace
File List Center (white) File name display and selection list; also the drag-and-drop target area for quick uploads
File Details Right (gray) Details of selected files
  • Legal info documents (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Impressum)
  • Link to AjaxPlorer website

3. Choose Your Workspace

Most partners have only one up- and download area named “My Files”. For general data exchange please always use this “My Files” workspace.

As a project partner you may have access to more than one workspace area for software and data exchange.

You find the name of your current workspace in the ActionBar. The start-up workspace is your personal folder “My Files”. If necessary choose another workspace from the “Workspaces” drop-down list in the MenuBar.

4. Download files to your computer

Downloading files is easy, intuitive, and standard:

  • select the file(s) for download
  • click on Download
  • select your local storage location
Download Steps
  • Select your download area:
    • MyFiles starts in your personal directory “My Files
    • Other download areas can be selected in the “Workspaces” drop-down list (MenuBar)
  • Change to the desired sub-directory in left-side folder tree
  • Select requested files in center panel
    • Note: Multiple selected files will automatically be packed into a single ZIP file for download
  • Click action button “Download” (ActionBar)
  • As with any other Internet file download, your browser will either store the data in a fixed download directory or open a window to select your local storage place.
  • In pop-up window: Select destination folder on your computer > “Ok
  • Logout: Menu “Your User Name” > “Log out” (MenuBar)

5. Upload files from your computer

There are two easy ways for uploading file depending on your browser's capabilities:

  • Use the Send button or
  • Drag-and-drop your file(s) from your local file browser (e.g. Windows Explorer) to the MyFiles destination folder

Note: The 2nd option is not supported by all browsers.

  • Drag-and-drop is not supported in IE8
  • Tested with IE10 and recent Firefox (Windows)
Upload steps
  • Select your upload area:
    • MyFiles starts in your personal directory “My Files
    • Most external users will upload files into their “My Files” Workspace
    • Other upload areas can be selected it in the “Workspaces” drop-down list (MenuBar)
  • If your browser supports drag-and-drop:
    • simply drag-and-drop the file from your local file browser into the white background of the MyFiles File List
  • If drag-and-drop does not work:
    • Click action button “Send” > “From computer” (ActionBar)
    • Press “Select files on your computer” button in the Send pop-up window
    • Select the local files to be uploaded
    • The selected files will be uploaded
  • Depending on your browser it may be necessary to refresh the MyFiles file list to properly see all uploaded files:
    • Right-click on the white File List panel and
    • Select Refresh
  • Logout: Menu “Your User Name” > “Log out” (MenuBar)

6. Deleting Files

  • You can delete files only if you have the necessary access permissions.
  • To delete one or more files or directories:
    • Select them in the File List
    • Right-click > Delete

Note: Deleted files are moved to the wastebasket (Recycle Bin).

Restore deleted files

To recover a file from Recycle Bin:

  • Go to directory Recycle Bin by selecting it in the left-side Folder Tree
  • Right-click on the file to be restored (File List)
  • From the context popup menu select Restore
Empty wastebasket

To empty Recycle Bin:

  • Go to directory Recycle Bin by selecting it in the left-side Folder Tree
  • Right-click on the white panel background of the File List
  • From the context popup menu select Empty

7. Further Functions

The web-based “MyFiles” service offers all functions of a standard desktop file browser (like Windows Explorer) including

  • Create, delete, and rename files and directories
  • Copy and move files
  • View images and some other file formats
  • Directly view and edit text files

These functions can be accessed from the ActionBar or from the context menu that pops up with a right-click in the File List, i.e.

  • for file operations right-click on a file or file selection
  • for directory operations right-click on the white background

8. Changing Password

We strongly recommend to change your password with first login.

  • Move mouse pointer over your user name (top right)
  • In drop-down menu > Select Change Password
  • In Change Password dialog window:
    • Enter old password
    • Enter new password (2 times)
    • Click on :OK:

9. Logout

For your safety

  • Please Log-out after finishing your up- und downloads
  • Sensitive data should stay in this web area only for a very short time

You need to log out after finishing the file transfers. Simply closing the browser does not log you out and may leave a security hole open that allows other users or hackers to use your login and to access your data.

To log out click on “Your User Name” > “Log out” on the right side of the MenuBar.

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