Applying for a CineSat Support Account

This portal serves end-users and local administrators of the CineSat Software Suite.
A CineSat Support Account includes

  • CineSat MyFiles login for secure file exchange
    • download of software and patches
    • upload of system snapshots, sample data, …
  • CineSat Support Pages user login for accessing all relevant documentation
    • The CineSat Support Pages are a unique source of information for all topics related to CineSat operation and support.

Register your support account now to access all features.

Who can apply ?

Access to CineSat Support Content is restricted to customers of the CineSat software with an active update subscription.

Software downloads are only possible with your organization's CineSat admin account, which usually is the account of the appointed Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

Steps to apply

Follow these steps to register your support account:

  1. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions below
  2. Print, read, and accept the Support Account Application Form
  3. Fill-in, sign, and stamp the form and mail it to the address given in the form.

Please note that the signer must be

  • entitled to sign on behalf of your organization and
  • empowered to enforce your employees' compliance to the Terms of Use
  • typically, this will be the CEO, or a representative with appropriate authorization

If you need quick processing of your request, you can additionally fax it to

But note that the original is required for completing your request.

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Login Accounts

1. The login account is a personal account and must be linked to an account owner - i.e. one authorized person who is fully responsible for any use of this account.

2. You must read, accept and agree to the following documents before actually accessing or using Restricted GEPARD Web Content:

These documents can also be accessed from the footer of every portal page.

3. From time to time it may be necessary for GEPARD to change the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Account owners will be notified of material changes. Your acceptance of such updates is regulated in the Terms of Use (see here). If you should not agree to these terms please inform us immediately in order to close your account.

4. GEPARD may at any time close your access to Restricted GEPARD Web Content if you should fail to comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use or if you are no longer entitled to access such content.

5. Upon successful processing of your request, you will receive a user name and an initial password using two different communication channels (e.g. user name by e-mail and password by SMS). You are requested to login as soon as possible to change the initial password to another strong password.

Passwords are confidential and shall be treated and protected carefully.

Additional Terms and Conditions for CineSat Support Accounts

1. Access to CineSat Support Content is restricted to customers of the CineSat software with an active update subscription.

2. All downloaded software and files shall only be used strictly according to the

  • CineSat End User License Agreement (EULA) and the
  • CineSat Special Terms and Conditions

3. Logins of CineSat users will be deactivated with expiration of their update subscription.

Other accounts

Visit the Registration Page to apply for other or additional account types.

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