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Window Layout

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File Download

  • Select your download area:
    • MyFiles starts in your personal directory “My Files
    • Other download areas can be selected in the “Workspaces” drop-down list (MenuBar)
  • Change to the desired sub-directory in left-side Folder Tree
  • Select requested files in center panel
    • Note: Multiple selected files will automatically be packed into a single ZIP file for download
  • Click action button “Download” (ActionBar)
  • In pop-up dialog: Select destination folder on your computer > “Ok
  • Logout: Menu “Your User Name” > “Log out” (MenuBar)

File Upload

  • Select your upload area:
    • MyFiles starts in your personal directory “My Files
    • Most external users will upload files into their “My Files” Workspace
    • Other upload areas can be selected it in the “Workspaces” drop-down list (MenuBar)
  • If your browser supports drag-and-drop:
    • simply drag-and-drop the file from your local file browser into the white background of the MyFiles File List
  • If drag-and-drop does not work:
    • Click action button “Send” > “From computer” (ActionBar)
    • Press “Select files on your computer” button in the Send pop-up window
    • Select the local files to be uploaded
    • The selected files will be uploaded
  • Logout: Menu “Your User Name” > “Log out” (MenuBar)


For your safety

  • Please Log-out after finishing your up- und downloads
  • Sensitive data should stay in this web area only for a very short time

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